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Breast Enlargement Pump In Pakistan.

  • Light and durable plastic breast cups, Removable rubber ring on each cup for tight seal, comfort, and easy cleaning
  • Very easy to use. Simply attach the hose to the pump cup and place the cup over your breast.
  • Breast can be increased safely, effectively and satisfactorily at your own home
  • Works for different breast sizes. Best for small to medium sized breasts!
  • The method does not involve injection or medication, but physiotherapy treatment only.


Breast Enlargement Pump In Pakistan.

Breast Enlargement Pump is specially formulated to increasing breast size. You can see visible growth in just 3 weeks. This pump circulates boobs cells internally and gives you a perfect figure as a young girl. First of all, wear the cup close to the skin, then turn on the switch to inspiration, please control the strength yourself, then hold 10-15 min, after then turn off the switch, and massage the breast 5-10 minutes. This is a cycle, each time can do 2-3 cycles, it will be best to do 2 times every day morning and night.

How to Use Breast Enlargement Pump?

If you are a beginner to Breast Enlargement pumps, apply low vacuum pressure as per your comfort. Start your first week by using the device for 15 minutes every day and gradually increase up-to 10-15 minute every day (on each boob). Similarly, you may increase applying vacuum pressure as well.


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